Triskellion by Will Peterson

The bodies were buried with a secret
that could change the world.

Now, two children are about
to unearth the truth…

Triskellion book coverTRISKELLION is the first in a trilogy of thrillers for older children, written with my friend Peter Cocks, under the pseudonym Will Peterson.

Peter and I met as writers in children’s television and after working together on a wide variety of programmes (from Knight School and The Cramp Twins to Basil Brush!) it was perhaps inevitable that we would one day write fiction for younger readers. It is certainly appropriate that our first children’s book is, on one level at least, about the return to one’s roots.

Following their parents’ divorce, fourteen-year-old twins Rachel and Alex Newman are sent from home in New York to stay with their grandmother in the quiet English village where their mother was born. On their arrival, their grandmother seems distant and hostile, the locals are unwelcoming and the village itself is unsettling and sinister.

Is this something more than a natural suspicion of strangers? Is there a genuinely dark heart beating beneath the thatched roofs of this picturesque village? Against a brooding background of very real danger, the two young outsiders follow an incredible trail on a thrilling archaeological adventure with a startling paranormal twist.
With the help of the mysterious Gabriel, a figure as alienated as they are, Rachel and Alex unearth secrets that could only have remained hidden within a community that has existed in the same location for many centuries. A village protected by the ancient, three-bladed artifact from which it takes its name. Where the crops never fail and where the war memorial is blank. A village with a great deal to protect...

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Feedback from readers

“Fantasy and history thrown into one by Will Peterson. The result? Nothing other than a bone-chilling read that won’t let you go.”
JJ, aged 12

“Exciting, gripping and kept me wanting to read more…It is a real page-turner which will captivate you to the end.”
Jack, aged 11

Wow! Step aside Harry Potter…make way for Triskellion and my new heroes, Rachel and Adam. Gripping, edge-of-the-seat page-turning brilliance! Triskellion is total unputdownable fiction. Fantastically exciting and really scary too. Pure magic!”
Holly, aged 10

“A magical read with a mysterious paranormal setting. The only bad thing that can be said about the book is the agonizing wasit for the next two!”
Freya, aged 11.

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Triskellion by Will Peterson
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