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Mark Billingham standing in front of wall

Mark began peddling his particular brand of nonsense that apparently passes for comedy, in 1987. Since that time, he’s appeared on over thirty radio and TV shows, played every comedy club in the UK and bought a new hat.

As a regular performer and MC at London’s world famous Comedy Store, Mark talks dirty, waxes lyrical about animal husbandry and takes the piss out of people’s shirts.

Mark has been described as:

“Sharp and entertaining”
The Guardian.

“One of the very best of the newer talents”
The Sunday Times.

“A massively talented comedian”
The Manchester Evening News.

“Lower than filth”
An angry caller to the BBC.

Stand-up comedy and crime fiction may not be as different as they seem. Read Mark’s essay on the subject - So This Serial Killer Walks Into A Bar....